Ancient Egyptian Ruins

Here is Some information on famous Egyptian Ruins from ancient Egypt:

Ancient Egyptian ruins are some of the most picturesque attractions in the world. Year after year, thousands of people from all over the world visit Egypt to view these ancient sites. The ruins of ancient Egypt indicate a glorious past in the history of Egypt and also of the human civilization.

Since the Egyptian civilization was present for thousands of years, the presence of these ruins stands testimony to a bygone era. Unparalleled in their significance and majesty, ancient Egyptian ruins vindicate the case of human evolution in travails and trials of time.

These are some of the popular Ancient Egyptian Ruins:

Abu Simbel

Abu Simbel is one of the most popular of Ancient Egyptian Ruins.

This site is actually an archaeological site housing Egyptian monuments. Featuring numerous rock temples, Abu Simbel is known for the Temples of Ramesses II.

One of the most prominent Pharaohs during his time, Ramesses II presided over the nineteenth dynastic disposition of the Egyptian civilization. The temples were constructed after 1279 BC. The temples were built to commemorate his activities and stature, in eternity. The two temples he constructed are magnificent in their vastness. They have two large sculptures of him.

The temples were a place of worship. They were also an act of honor to the then ruling king Ramesses and his wife.

Abusir Pyramids

One of the famous ancient Egypt Ruins, Abusir Pyramids, are a collection of fourteen ancient pyramids. Built during the fifth dynasty, these pyramids are older than the Temples of Ramesses II. Given their age, only some of the pyramids are restored. The others are still ruins that only act as a remembrance of a magnificent ancient era.


Giza is one of the most visited among ancient Egyptian ruins. Thousands of visitors are seen at this site every year. It is one of Egypt’s most famous ancient sites, and also holds the distinction of being the largest pyramid of its kind.

Dedicated to king Khufu, the pyramid was built during the fourth dynastic rule. Towering at a height of one hundred and forty five meters, the Giza is known colloquially as the Great Pyramid. Giza, the location, also has other pyramids. The son of Khufu built a pyramid here and when seen from far looks taller than his father’s pyramid.

Giza is also known as the Great Sphinx. The Sphinx is structured to look like a man-beast. It was an indication of the king’s stature as protector and humanitarian rolled into one.

Karnak Temple – popular ancient Egyptian Ruin

This has to be easily the most impressive of structures. The Karnak Temple leaves you wide-eyed and full of wonder. The majestic structures never fade from your memory. The Temple of Amun-Ra is at this site. This temple has a great hall that was used for various purposes.

Looking back into history is a great feeling. And ancient Egyptian ruins essay the fact that bygone eras were highly superior in culture.