An Ancient Burial Site under a Modern House near the Great Pyramids of Giza

What the Great Pyramids are?

Great Pyramids are the famous monuments of Egypt. These monuments are located on the bank of the Nile river. There is a total of three pyramids. Altogether people call them the ‘Great Pyramids’.

These monuments have great cultural value both in the context of the Egyptian past as well as the ancient world also. Because these monuments indicate the glorious past of ancient Egyptian civilization.

Archaeologists believe that three pharaohs respectively ordered to construct these three pyramids. They were Khufu, Khafre and Menkaure. The Pyramid of Khufu is the largest and the tallest among them. It is also the most important pyramid of the three. As it is regarded as one of the seven wonders of the world.

the great pyramids of giza
the pyramid of Khufu is one of the seven wonders of the world

Location of the present discovery

The Egyptian Antiquities police have given the exact location of this present discovery. According to them, there is a resident in the district of Nazlet El-Samman at Giza province. This resident has illegally dug his house. He told that he was searching for ancient artifacts.

the place of the discovery- the modern residence

What has been discovered exactly?

According to the concerned authority, they have found two illegal excavations. One is 1.5 meters deep while the other is 4 meters deep.

The former excavation has yielded mainly some architectural elements. Among them, there is a corridor. It led to a rock-cut room. This room has a dimension of 2 meters by 2.5 meters. There is a false door inside the room. There is a well behind this door. It is curved into a rock.

The secondly-mentioned excavation has yielded some more interesting artifacts. In this excavated area, there is a room. It has six wall-relief statues. This the most remarkable of this whole discovery till now. But there is another thing to be noticed. Some of the statues have smashed heads and legs. This may indicate that at some point in time someone most probably vandalized these statues.

the discovered statues from the second excavation

According to the concerned authority, it is probably a burial site. Although experts will conduct the investigation. So, more detailed information about this newly discovered site will be coming soon.

The motive behind the discovery

A special motive played a crucial role in this discovery. The General Administration of Tourism and Egyptian Antiquities Police have revealed that motive.

According to them, illegal excavations at archaeological sites have been a great problematic issue for a long time. A number of people had tried to excavate. But they failed to execute their plan as many times they were died trying to do this.

Thus the authority decided to detect these mischievous attempts. So they successfully detected this one as a part of their legal stand for the protection of their cultural heritage.